How to Custom Print Your Own T-shirts – FASHION DIY

We covered sustainable practices in screen prep, choosing one of many multitudes of inks, screen-printing production plus much more. The takeaway: Many screen-printing processes will not be considered green or sustainable, but they certainly can be altered being as sustainable as you can.

Provides information about various t-shirt printing methods

The entertainment companies are contributing to the marketplace growth which has a many people, especially movie fanatics, buying apparel with slogans or logos printed in it. For instance, television series such as Game of Thrones and Big Bang Theory get this amazing group of followers. The fans willingly spend an adequate amount on buying custom t shirts and other apparel using favorite dialogues or slogan printed on t-shirts. This trend is predicted to majorly give rise to the custom t-shirt printing industry growth over the long term.

With the growth in availability of selling t-shirts, there’s undoubtedly, you’ll face some stiff competition. But by building a brand to get a specific market and creating t-shirt designs your clients want, you will discover your personal success.


We would shoot the artwork (at night room) against a screen manufactured from albumen. After the screen was subjected to the sunshine, we’d rinse rid of it, leaving the stencil. Then we may attach the screen for the press. We would set guides for the vacuum table to keep the stock we were using; the vacuum would hold it about the table. After we let the screen down, we might fill it up with ink and make use of the squeegee to print on the stock. The press would lift the screen, and we may eliminate the printed piece and put it for the conveyor belt. After the pieces went through the dryer, we would collect them and hang them when they needed more time to dry. If a piece needed additional colors, we might repeat the same process.

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